Any true southerner knows that summers can be blistering. Any true southerner also knows that one can't survive them without daily pitchers of good ole sweet iced tea. Any Guatemalan knows the same. Except in Guatemala, our pitchers are full of Rosa de Jamaica (hibiscus iced tea). Growing up, Claudia Maria and I would spend our summers on the shores of Lake Atitlan, surrounded by volcanoes, sipping on Rosa de Jamaica. Ever since, drinking this refreshing treat has been a means of transporting ourselves to those lazy days spent by the water.

When I, Jessica Michelle, moved to Birmingham, Alabama from Guatemala, I brought with me the tropical version of sweet ice tea, known as Rosa de Jamaica or Jamaican Rose tea. The tea's natural refrigerant properties kept us cool and refreshed. Plus, my three boys absolutely loved drinking it! 


Back in Guatemala, Claudia Maria, also a mother of three, found herself  making pitcher after pitcher of Rosa de Jamaica to enjoy with her kids. 


As more and more evidence of Rosa de Jamaica's amazing health benefits became available (read about them on our product page!), my sister Claudia Maria and I found ourselves needing to make Rosa de Jamaica available to everyone! The one problem we both had with Rosa de Jamaica was the unpractical way of preparing it.

This is where Two Sisters Tea's story begins. Through trial and error, we were able to simplify the making of Rosa de Jamaica tea so that it's as easy as making America's classic sweet iced tea! 

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