The Goodness in Every Cup

Amid the rich flora of the tropics, grows the Hibiscus flower (Rosa de Jamaica) - one of Earth's greatest gifts to us.  This tropical flower produces a delightful, caffeine-free herbal tea that is rich in vitamins A & C, iron, calcium, and antioxidants.  Recent studies have shown the hibiscus tea's ability to help reduce anxiety, inflammation, and high blood pressure.  In adding to the many nutrients it offers, Rosa de Jamaica is a natural refrigerant that helps keep you cool on those blistering summer days.  

Lowering Blood Pressure

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Easy to Prepare!

As mothers, we know that a parent's time is of the essence.  Making hibiscus iced tea has never been easier than with Rosa de Jamaica's teabags, which cut the preparation time by more than half. Rosa de Jamaica lessens time spent in the kitchen and increases time spent enjoying our tea.


One of the beauties of Rosa de Jamaica is its endless versatility, you can brew it light or strong, enjoy it sweet or unsweet, no matter your preference the one constant is the wonderful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you are adding to your diet.

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