A tale of Two Sisters

Two Sisters Tea's mission is simple, improve people's health by drinking a refreshing & delicious glass of hibiscus tea every day

Our commitment is to use the purest ingredients in our tea

The tea has been made using the best quality of whole hibiscus flowers, adding ingredients to the hibiscus flowers not only to create alternative unique flavors but also to enhance the health benefits of the hibiscus. It has been packaged to make a pitcher of tea at a time because the sisters knew their refreshing hibiscus tea is too good not to share with others!

Our Teas

Growing up, Jessica and Claudia spent their summers on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, sipping on Hibiscus tea. Ever since, drinking this refreshing treat has been a means to transporting themselves to those wonderful days spent by the water.

When Jessica moved to the US she brought her hibiscus tea along with her because she couldn't find it anywhere. As evidence of Hibiscus tea's benefits came available, Claudia suggested they should make it accesible to everyone!

As mothers they knew time is of the essence so they packaged the hibiscus tea in family sized tea bags to make a big pitcher of tea at a time and have it available always!