They love our hibiscus teas!

  • 5 Stars Tea

    Superior flavor and color

    This tea is better than Starbucks!

    -Mary Marigold

  • 5 Stars Tea

    Awesome flavor!

    What I liked about this tea is the beautiful color and the wonderful taste. It is really a refreshing taste and I think it’s better than most cold teas It’s good hot or cold but I preferred it cold. After brewing it I added honey for a little sweetness and ice cubs. After that I was ready for a hot summer day on the porch in my rocker. I highly recommend this brand. Thank you for a grand tea experience!

    - Reader´s Blast

  • 5 Stars Tea


    Just amazing! You can tell this is a quality product. Tart and delicious.

    -Amanda Stollhans

  • 5 Stars Tea


    Love the flavors. Fantastic decaffeinated hydration with he bonus of vitamins and electrolytes. I even manage to squeeze 2 pitchers out of each bag. Great product.


  • 5 Stars Tea

    HIGH Quality!

    If you like the Robust taste of Hibiscus with the Added punch of Cinnamon, then Give this a Try!

    This was most convenient to brew with each of the 3 sachets making 10 cups each. I added Light Brown Sugar and alternated with Some of the tea Cold and then Some as Hot Tea. You can find there is Versatility to this.

    My Cousin buys Hibiscus leaves and Brews an hour. I don’t have that amount of time. This is such Good Quality I will be buying again and again. Plus during Summer parties, I hope to Impress my guests with this Exotic beverage besides my usual Homemade Lemon Iced Tea. I Love Compliments 😆

    - Darlene Toulon

  • 5 Stars Tea

    Fresh high quality sourced ingredients

    Very flavorful refreshing drink to be consumed either hot or cold. You can taste the high quality ingredients and love the presentation. If you follow the instructions properly, you end up with a deliciously balanced tasty drink.

    -5. Camila Gutierrez

  • 5 Stars Tea

    The most delicious iced tea I have ever had!

    I drink iced tea all day, every day, year round. I have tried four different flavors of Two Sisters Tea and they are fabulous. One large tea bag makes a gallon. You need to keep it in the refrigerator.

    - Diana S.

  • 5 Stars Tea

    Easy to Brew

    The tea is great, and I love how easy it is to brew. Super simple instructions. Love it!

    - Sweichman

  • 5 Stars Tea

    Best Quality Ever!

    Loved this tea and it has been the best quality hibiscus tea I have ever had. Love how they come in pouches, so convenient. Taste is amazing. I just add a few drops of Stevia extract to sweeten.

    - Terre C

  • 5 Stars Tea

    Sucha good iced Tea!

    Add some honey, cinnamon, and a little lemon (or vodka), and BAM! the best-iced tea ever. Plus it is beautiful in the glass. I love having this around when I have friends over as a change-up from regular iced tea or water.

    - Sarah

  • 5 Stars Tea

    Delicious! Great idea!

    I love the idea of brewing in bulk, and it is so much more powerful and economical than those flimsy tea bags with a tiny amount of tea in them. I cold brew in a special container in fridge overnite and I always have tea ready. Hibiscus is excellent for skin too :)

    - Grace