• 100% Natural Hibiscus Tea
  • Non-GMO Hibiscus Tea
  • No Calorie Hibiscus Tea
  • Caffeine Free Hibiscus Tea
  • Glute Free Hibiscus Tea
  • Vegan Hibiscus Tea
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Story Behind the Brand

Two Sisters Tea:
A Heartfelt Journey

Our brand, Two Sisters Tea, is rooted in a story of shared memories and newfound purpose. Growing up, Claudia Maria and Jessica, like many in Latin America, cherished the tradition of hibiscus iced tea. A drink that symbolized family gatherings and friendships. When Jessica relocated to the U.S., she searched for that same hibiscus tea, only to find it missing.

Driven by a desire to share the incredible health benefits of this cherished tea, they founded Two Sisters Tea. Little did they know, their journey would take an unexpected turn. Discovering that the hibiscus flowers they thought were native to their homeland were actually imported, Claudia Maria and Jessica set out to make a difference.

Their commitment to reducing carbon footprint and supporting Guatemalan youth led them to Rainforest Alliance and "Hearts in Action" (HIA), a non-profit in Guatemala's Peten region. HIA empowers the youth and adults of Peten, offering education, healthcare, creative experiences, and opportunities for development. 

In June of 2022, their determination bore fruit, or rather, flowers. The first 11,000 hibiscus shrubs were planted, marking the inception of 100% Guatemalan Two Sisters Tea.

More than just tea, we're on a journey of transformation. As we expand, our mission aligns with supporting local farmers and nurturing the hibiscus industry in Guatemala. We're on a path to realize our vision: a hibiscus tea grown entirely in Guatemala, fostering employment for families and the youth.

This turns our mission statement into reality, improving lives through the simple joy of a refreshing glass of hibiscus iced tea, every day.

Two Sisters Tea - Step Two

Our commitment is to use the purest ingredients in our tea

The tea has been made using the best quality of whole hibiscus flowers, adding ingredients to the hibiscus flowers not only to create alternative unique flavors but also to enhance the health benefits of the hibiscus. It has been packaged to make a pitcher of tea at a time because the sisters knew their refreshing hibiscus tea is too good not to share with others!

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