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Hibiscus Lime Iced Tea

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  • šŸƒ NATURAL GOODNESS IN EVERY CUP. Our organic hibiscus tea is made of pure, natural, hibiscus flowers - one of Earth's greatest gifts. This herb tea has many powerful health benefits like Boosting the Immune System, Lowering Blood Pressure and Aiding in Weightloss. It's rich in Vitamin C, Iron and is packed with Antioxidants and Polyphenols.
  • šŸ˜‹ SWEET & TANGY, REFRESHING & DELICIOUS. Our all-natural Flor de Jamaica has a refreshingly tangy taste that can be brewed light or strong, can be enjoyed sweetened or un-sweetened, hot or cold.
  • šŸ™Œ 3 LARGE, EASY TO BREW HIBISCUS TEA BAGS. Each pack comes with 3 family sized decaf tea bags. And each bag contains a bunch of dried hibiscus loose leafs that can brew 10 glasses of Hot or Cold Tea, making 30 cups per pack. Just place a bag in boiling water, brew for 5 to 15 minutes, add ice for a Refreshing Ice Tea.
  • šŸŒŗ NON-GMO VERIFIED & PREMIUM BLEND - Our antioxidant hibisco tea is made from the highest quality, non-GMO, 100% natural. It's naturally Caffeine Free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, and Zero Calorie. Great as a Keto Tea and Relaxing Tea

Story of Two Sisters

Claudia and Jessica's mission is simple, improve people's health by drinking a refreshing & delicious glass of hibiscus tea every day!

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